“Health through cultural heritage”

The practices of traditional medicine dates back many centuries and have therefore been as “tried and tested” as many of the scientific medicines that are generally more harmful and with a higher degree of side effects. The use of herbs and other organic substances by African traditional medicine is a practice now increasingly followed by western medicine. The use of herbal remedies is generally more effective and less invasive and aggressive than the scientific preponderance of scheduled drugs and frequent surgery. African herbal medicine does not treat the symptoms but rather seeks to cure the causes of diseases.

African Natural Herbal Healing offers the distinct advantage of tried and tested herbal remedies backed by scientific research and ethno-botanical data (literature, African herbal doctors) and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical guidelines.

African Natural Herbal Healing does not copy existing herbal remedies but develops new ones, which, we believe, are superior in their efficacy, quality and results.

African Medicine – the mother of medicines

“If we accept that Africa is the cradle of mankind and that the use of herbs is as old as mankind itself, it then stands to reason that African medicine is the oldest, most tried and tested form of medicine known to mankind. Further, to call it an alternative is wrong, since it formed the basis for other types of medicine practiced today – conventional, herbal, Chinese, etc.” T/Dr R de Carvalho